Frenzy LeatherWorks

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Who We Are 

At Frenzy LeatherWorks we believe in the power of creativity and the soul of the design. We trust that our process of creation, in the hands of our designers solid experience and extensive skill set, brings to life items that speaks about the personality of whom it was made for – be it your real self or a character you aim to play. That is why Frenzy LeatherWorks first and foremost craft leather armor and other items in collaboration with the wishes of our customers – the result just happens to be unique and compelling artwork. 

Jonathan Stjernlöf 
I am the founder and main Artisan/designer at Frenzy LeatherWorks. I enjoy creation, in many forms. Besides from leather crafting I act, role play, write fiction, poetry and much more. I am in my middle twenties and beyond being an artisan, designer and actor I´m also a father and family man. 


Dalängens djurhälsa

Dalängens djuhälsa drivs av ett gift par som heter Marie och Kenta. De bor ca 1 mil söder om Trollhättan, på en liten gård på 10 hektar. Det ligger väldigt vackert i nivåer med bete och en bäck längst ned i dalen som mynnar ut i Göta älv.

Tillsammans har de ett brinnande intresse för historia och hästars plats i den. På sin gård anordnar de kurser och större delen av året cirkulerar de på olika event. Bland sina många inriktningar kan tillskrivas bland annat: reenactment och beridet bågskytte.


Why Us?

With its high quality, customized and unique designs and as wide of a skillset  as any Frenzy LeatherWorks really is 

top tier when it comes to leather armor.

But we like to let our work speak for it self. Take a look at the photo gallery and follow us on Instagram. There you can vittnes first hand the width and exquisitely fresh feeling that link our designs together. 


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